Get free desktop software!

It’s free so you no longer have to pay for operating systems, licenses and updates.

Updates are often are a matter of one click and a password to update your desktop software. As the software is free and open source it works even better with our open source services and of course your wallet.

Or go the whole hog and get a replacement for your old tired operating system and rejuvenate your PC with Ubuntu or Mint which means you have a whole world of secure, free software just a click away any time you need it. Oh and all the updates are free, in one place and done all together with just one click, as soon as they are released.

Note: Many people using GNU/Linux tend not to bother with antivirus software as the safer design makes it much less vulnerable to malware like viruses etc.  You can scan for malware etc using ClamAV and if you want a copy for Windows then that is free too: Immunet