Using Frontaccounting web based accounts service you can get proper accounting on line. That means a full ledger based accounting system with invoicing, stock control, etc all available anytime you need it whether at home, on the road or in the office.

What’s great about OpenSure’s service is it is based on completely open source software so at any time, if you like, you can run it yourself on your own server not on ours. No data conversion or paying for software would be required, the software is free and the data is yours alone. What you get from us is a managed service and one that you can walk away from without loosing years of online data.

Safety is a good thing to consider, especially with accounting systems. Our services are regularly updated to meet the best security available for applications and operating systems. We have perimeter security systems that check what people are trying to access. We backup all systems at least nightly and our services run on equipment that is redundantly backed up too.

In fact, being cheeky, the weakest point in most modern IT security is people using weak passwords and/or recording them on post-it notes stuck on the monitor in case they forget them. Much of the ‘Is it safe?’ question is about the risk of access being given. When it is in your office, in one location, only someone in your office or connected to it can gain access. If it is on the web where you can access it online anytime… so could anyone with your login details. So perhaps one part of the answer to ‘Is it safe? might be, ‘Can you keep a secret?’ 😉

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