As our services are delivered over the web, we can see what you see and use and access the services just like you.

We find the most reliable, effective and quickest route to get things done was email, but we do also operate an emergency Twitter account, @OpenSureSupport, which is used by clients from time to time.

Email ensures that the right person is responding to a query wherever they are and that they are the ones who can get it resolved quickly and accurately.

As a result OpenSure tends to use email (or online forms) as the primary means of active support to customers. You have a log of what has happened and how you were helped.

When you email it is a human that responds, not just an automatic response telling you that you are now ‘in the queue’. With us, usually the first email response you get back is one that actually starts the process of helping you there and then.

We do obviously take support telephone calls and return them, we will even read letters, but they are a normally just a part of a process based on email.

OpenSure also runs workshops for customers, where we sit together in small groups and discuss ideas and problems you experience on a day-to-day real-world way. We then help solve those problems and feed that back into what we offer as a service in the first place.

Where do you send emails? Just send your request, or anything to do with OpenSure, to support at or use the contact us form.

As usual, we will do the rest.

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