Configure Thunderbird with Lightning to connect with Zimbra calendars

To get perfect syncing with Zimbra we recommend using Zimbra Desktop but something very useful can also be done with Thunderbird.

Get Thunderbird ready to sync with Zimbra calendars

This assumes that you already have installed Thunderbird mail client properly and configured it for your Zimbra email. You then need to install an Add-in from here: Lightning for Thunderbird. Download and follow the instructions to install the add-in in Thunderbird.

Lightning extension works by using caldav which means it can talk to your Zimbra calendars using a URL connection and a password.


To enter this simply go to the newly appeared Calendar tab in Thunderbird, Click add new calendar eg via File, New, Calendar and select On the Network.

Then select Caldav and put in the location box the URL above, changing it to match your email address.

Give your new Calendar a name that makes sense to you, perhaps select a colour and associate it to your Zimbra Email account on Thunderbird.

When done, it will ask you to enter your username (your email address) and your password (your Zimbra one) and offer to save it, which you probably will want.

That’s it, your Zimbra calendar will appear as it would on the web but now in your Thunderbird client.

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