Configuring Thunderbird and Zindus to synchronise your Contacts on our Zimbra service.

Again we recommend using Zimbra Desktop to do this but if THunderbird is your thing then here is how you can do a neat synchronizing trick with the smart Zindus add-in.

Setup Zindus in Thunderbird to sync Zimbra Contacts

First we assume that Thunderbird is properly installed and configured ready for your OpenSure Zimbra email account.

Download Zindus from here

Once installed, in Thunderbird select Tools – then Zindus.

Then enter the server as

Your username is your Zimbra email address and then enter your Zimbra password too.

All your account’s contacts lists download and are shown as zindus/GAL or zindus/Emailed and your main Contacts one is shown as your Personal Address Book in Thunderbird.

Then you can use the contacts within Thunderbird and on the web too!

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