Configure Zimbra Desktop to use our Zimbra service

First ensure you have downloaded the current and correct version of Zimbra Desktop for your operating system; Windows, Linux or Mac. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions and when installed you can start to configure it ready for your accounts.

Setting for OpenSure Zimbra:

  • Initially you will be presented with the option to add a new account, let’s do that.
  • You now need to select an account type – select Zimbra
  • Give the account a name that makes sense to you, eg Work Zimbra account, similar
  • Then enter the email address, any that are in place on your account will work fine.
  • Then enter you password
  • Set the server to be
  • Set the Security as SSL
  • For the checking email bit leave ‘as new email arrives’
  • Click validate and save.

Zimbra now synchronises all your email, contacts, calendars, tasks etc.

NB you can also add other account types in a similar way to this client like Gmail, Yahoo, MS Exchange and any other POP3 and IMAP account. This means all your email in one place and consistent.

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