Sorry, you can no longer do this natively.

Microsoft has decided to add native CalDAV and CardDAV support to Windows 10+ but to allow only partner companies, namely Yahoo, Google and Apple to set up accounts using it. Even old hacks to get it to work, albeit not very secure, have now been closed off too.

You may have success specifically within Outlook, by using this open source software or possibly  However, you may find adding general third party Cal/CardDAV software to let you sync other accounts may interfer with the operation of their locked down resource. 

The service MS currently include can and has in the past readily worked with ours and thousands of other services offered on CalDAV and CardDAV but they have locked all smaller and independent providers out by policy not technology. It may just be a mechanism to restrict competition to their own Exchange based 365 service.

We are sorry, but this is why we like Open Source and Open Standards – it gives you choice. With Microsoft closed software solutions it shuts down your options and you have no real free choice.

If you want a general business desktop solution that works, you can talk to us about options with Ubuntu and other Linux distributions for your desktop.

Remember Linux is what powers Android, probably many of your routers and similar tech underpins Apple’s OS.

96% of the top 1 million servers on the internet run Linux. 100% of the top 500 Supercomputers run Linux. 85% of the worlds smartphones run on Linux.


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