Configure Entourage to connect to the Zimbra email service

This step by step process should have your Entourage client receiving email from our Zimbra service quickly. We do recommend Zimbra desktop as a generally more capable mail client but if you wish to use Entourage then this is for you.

Settings to configure Entourage with Zimbra email

  • From the Entourage Tools menu, choose Accounts.
  • In the Accounts window, click New.
  • If a small window titled “New Account. Add new mail account” appears: Choose IMAP from the Account type pop-up menu, then click OK.
  • If a window titled “Account Setup Assistant. Set Up a Mail Account” appears, click “Configure account manually.” In the New Account window that opens, choose IMAP from the Account type pop-up menu, then click OK.
  • In the Account name field, give your account a descriptive name such as My Work account etc
  • In the Name field, enter what you would like your recipients to see when they receive a message from you, such as your full name, company name, or even a nickname. Beneath that, enter your full email address.
  • Enter the first part of your email address (before the @ symbol) into the Account ID field.
  • Use IMAP, enter the server as Note:You should use a secure connection to the email servers when checking for new messages, click “Click here for advanced receiving options” and then enable the “This IMAP server requires a secure connection (SSL)” option. The IMAP port number displayed will automatically change from 143 to 993. Close the Advanced receiving options window when finished.
  • Enter your mailbox password in the Password field. This is the same password used to log in to the website. The option to Save the password in your Mac OS keychain will be selected by default. If you leave this checked, your password will be securely stored in your computer’s keychain so you won’t need to enter it each time Entourage checks for new messages or sends an email.
  • Enter the SMTP server as
  • Click the “Click here for advanced sending options” button. Note: You should use a secure connection to the servers when sending messages, enable the ‘SMTP service requires secure connection (TLS)’ option.
  • Select “Override default SMTP port” and change the port number from 25 to 587.
  • Enable “SMTP server requires authentication” and “Use same settings as receiving mail server.”
  • Close the advanced sending options window.
  • Click OK and your newly configured account will appear in the Accounts window.

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