Configure Thunderbird email client to use the Zimbra email service

This is designed to help you setup a new account in Thunderbird for your new mailbox. We recommend Thunderbird ( the same people who write Firefox web browser – also recommended) as a free and powerful mail client in preference to Outlook as it is a standards compliant approach and works very well with modern mail systems.

To configure Thunderbird to use a Zimbra email account with IMAP:

  • Select Tools – Accounts settings then select Add Account, Email Account type and click Next.
  • Enter your name as you wish people to see it, and then your email account, eg
  • Select IMAP as the type of server and enter as the name, it is personal choice whether to select global folders or not, most tend to. Click Next.
  • Now enter incoming username, which is the same as your email address click Next.
  • Enter the name you would like to use to refer to this account and click Next, confirm all is correct and press Finish.
  • In the left hand panel, highlight and expand the new account named above and click Server Settings.
  • In this Click Incoming server uses SSL and check that the port has changed to 993.
  • Now click down to Copies and Folders for this account and check that the Sent, Draft and Template folders are showing as send a copy to whatever the name of this new account is.
  • Composition and Addressing, set as per your preferences.
  • Clicking now into Off-line and Disk space, please set as per your preferences normally tick both top boxes and select all folders available off-line. Leave the lower section to retain all email.
  • At the bottom of the left hand panel is the list of Outgoing servers, here click add and add the name of Zimbra, server as, change the port to 587, tick TLS, tick username and password and fill is with your username (same as email address). Click OK.
  • Now click Get Mail and enter your password as required, saving it permanently if desired.

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