You can use the open standards called IMAP and SMTP to synchronise your Zimbra email to your iPhone or iPad.

You are connecting to your Zimbra account via IMAP and SMTP over which Zimbra allows connection to your calendar

To configure this on your iPhone or iPad open iPhone Settings application and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendar:

Then select Add Account…:

press Other:

Choose Add Mail Account:

Enter your name, email address and password, then press Next:

Select IMAP account type:

In Incoming Mail Server section, enter server

In Outgoing Mail Server section, enter eg server then press Next:

Wait until your iPhone has finished verifying all possible port/protocol combination:

It will probably fail to get the service auto-configured so you will likely get the Cannot Connect Using SSL message, or similar, just select Yes, you will just need to adjust account settings later.

Save the account:


Back to account settings page, still need to fix SMTP port as prefers to listen on the correct port not (the wrong) default port 25, open account settings:

Open Account Info:

Open SMTP page:

Choose Primary Server:

Adjust SMTP port: 587

Back to Account Info, open Advanced settings:

Enable SSL on IMAP port:

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