vTiger is an open source CRM system that OpenSure offer as one of our CRM services. It was once related to SugarCRM but using the power of open source it was ‘forked’ to develop into a version to better suit a group of users that had a different focus.

It is a hugely powerful system and will suit many businesses needs especially if you have out-grown bending a collaboration system like Zimbra alone to meet your needs. It does have a learning curve and does use terminology that will make more sense if you have used CRM before and understand terms relating to contacts, prospects, customers and funnels and campaigns. There are some great resources on the web to help you get started and of course you can ask us for help and other OpenSure users.

vTiger can be used in a variety of situations such as simply a new full service, replacing a variety of other fragmented systems or in part to augment existing systems. Like all our services they are a great way to help nit new parts of a business together or perhaps provide low cost ways for interim management to leverage the best from a businesses data.

As usual we can help with configuration, setup and import of data for you as you need.

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