We provide a fully managed open source version of Zimbra so you get a full collaboration service in one. We set it up for you so you can use your domain email addresses and as many aliases and distribution lists as you need.

Zimbra provides a complete shareable business grade service for collaboration offering email, contacts, calendars, tasks and documents in a controlled feature rich but web based way. You can use Zimbra in the same way you use old email solutions using simple IMAP email client which works well and allows you to synchronize emails across many different devices and email clients but none will quite give you the full on experience of Zimbra using the web. Closest is the free open source Zimbra Desktop that allows your Mac, Windows or Linux PC to work offline with dozens of different accounts simultaneously.

So with Zimbra you can control, use and share multiple calendars, contacts, mailboxes, tasks and document libraries simply and easily from any device with a web browser, even your mobile phone.

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