Download the software we use – for free

There are many popular open source programs that you can download for free.

Desktop applications

Download email clients, browsers, office suites or even an entire new operating system. Many, but not all, of these applications work very happily on a Windows desktop.

All the software listed here is free, so no more paying for licensing and updates. Updates are often a matter of one click and a password to update your desktop software.

Web: Firefox or Chrome
Email: Thunderbird or Zimbra Desktop
Office: OpenOffice or LibreOffice
OS: Ubuntu or Mint

Note: Many people using GNU/Linux tend not to bother with antivirus software as the safer design makes it much less vulnerable to malware like viruses etc.  You can scan for malware etc using ClamAV and if you want a copy for Windows then that is free too: Immunet


Server applications

Download server applications for website creation, CRM, systems management, accounting, stats tracking and more.

If you choose to, you can pick up your data, set up your own server and run your own services. Below are the great projects large and small that underpin the services we offer.