OpenSure can help you capitalise on everything social media can offer in a number of ways:

When you start out on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site, you need to have an aim in mind. Are you looking to make sales, raise awareness, drive traffic to a site, make connections or all of the above plus much more?

Together we can come up with a bespoke strategy that will:

  • examine your brand’s current social media profile (people are probably talking about you already)
  • consider the specifics of your sector
  • look at your competitors’ use of social media
  • build in goals, monitoring and reviews

Prices are based on the time taken to do the research and create the document. £300 is realistic, but it would be more for an involved project or one taking in several forms of social media.

If you’d rather do the work yourself, but aren’t confident about the nuts and bolts, we can provide training. We can do this to suit you:

  • in groups or individually
  • at your premises or hired external venue
  • full day or half day

All we ask is that attendees are confident internet users. Costs are quoted on an individual basis. Please get in touch for a quote.

Would you like us to tweet for you? Keep your Google+ account lively? Keep the Facebook updates up to date? We can even blog for you.

OpenSure is well used to managing third party hosting accounts, and we can look after your social media accounts too. This can be a long-term relationship, or a short-term kick-start. We recommend a short period of ghosting for organisations completely new to Twitter especially, as it gets the account off to a good start.

Prices start from £25/hour. The final quote will depend on the nature and breadth of the ghosting, with discounts for a long-term commitment.