WordPress logo Managed WordPress Hosting

We provide fully managed WordPress hosting. We set it up for you so that you can use your own domain name. No need to install, manage or run anything on your own systems but with full access to every WordPress benefit and feature, including a selection of premium themes that we offer free to our hosted WordPress clients.

New site or existing

Transfer in existing WordPress sites, drop existing content into a new WordPress framework or let us register a new domain for you. We routinely manage migration away from third party hosting company to our own servers, so you don’t have to deal with it. Should you decide at any point to move away from us, we’ll handle your migration away.


All themes and plugins that we offer are vetted for soundness, security and maintenance. If a theme or plugin we offer ceases active maintenance or support or develops a problem, we’ll research an alternative, advise you and assist with switching to the new element.

Everybody benefits from this approach as maximum security is maintained on our servers, on your site and for visitors to your site. You can be confident that an expert eye is being kept on the elements that go to make your site work for you and your clients and any potential problem headed off at the pass before it can start to cause you trouble.


Are you a web developer offering hosting to your clients? Whether you’ve been managing the hosting yourself or using a third party provider, we can take over, undertake the transition and manage the day-to-day for you. We can do this on a white label basis or develop a relationship directly with the client – the choice is yours.

We handle it

Managed WordPress means that we handle all the configuration, updates and other banana skins that can interrupt your working flow. Any problems that arise are our problem, not yours. This applies to managed WordPress hosting as a white label service as well as when supplied direct to the consumer.