OpenSure is delighted to announce that our 2013 charity is:

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Megan Baker House

Megan Baker House secured 56% of the poll, so OpenSure will be making corporate donations, providing publicity and giving any IT help and advice that might be needed.

OpenSure was guided entirely by the poll results, but it was clear from the off that Megan Baker House inspires tremendous passion in the families it helps and was always going to be a strong conbtender. It was heart-warming to read all the comments in support of MBH.

We would gladly have supported any of the organisations, but it’s lovely to be able to promote a local charity. We very much look forward to visiting MBH soon and seeing for ourselves the work to which our corporate donations will make a modest contribution.

One thought on “Charity of the Year 2013

  1. Louis Wall says:

    Megan Baker House is one of those Institutions which local communities cannot do without. They provide a service which is absolutely invaluable.

  2. Vanessa Palmer says:

    Megan Baker does an extremely worthwhile job and encourages children and adults to live a more independent life.

  3. yes, we can’t do without Megan Baker house. +1 from me

  4. About a year ago, I did some photography for the Megan Baker House to use on their leaflets. It really is the most remarkable environment and as I sat amongst the children watching the amazing carers work with them, I found the whole thing to be a very humbling experience.

  5. Barry Jones says:

    When parents speak of how Megan Baker House has helped their children they become quite emotional

  6. MBH is unique in England in providing practical help and respite for people who for far too long have been left simply to put up with their disabilites in bleak isolation. This is a bright, welcoming, friendly “can-do” place that brings to many lives: fresh ideas, encouragement,discernable improvement – all this with a sense of purpose in a caring community.

  7. Jo says:

    My son has attended the life changing sessions at Megan Baker House for many years now and would not have reached the potential he has within his disability without the priceless support and therapy provided – without doubt the worthiest cause for an inspirational charity

  8. david hepworth says:

    Having visited Megan Baker House many times, you never cease to be both astonished and humbled by the efforts of the children and their carers. A truly inspiring centre.

  9. TSF says:

    Our son has been attending block placements at Megan Baker House for three years. He looks forward to each placement and benefits greatly from the can-do attitude, the caring staff and the wonderful understanding that they bring to his problems. Without Megan Baker House he would get no support whatsoever and would not be as capable as he is now. As he says “we love MBH!”

  10. julie Vlachos says:

    My Children both attend Megan Baker house & it makes a massive difference to their lives…it means they go from not being able to walk at all to being up on their feet walking within a few days…the time they spend there is invaluable and i only wish they could spend even more time there. We owe MBH so so much. Please Please Please support them to support us. THANK YOU.

  11. Thank you MBH for the fantastic service you are providing to the local community

  12. Lisa Weaver says:

    A fantastic and heart-warming charity!

  13. Angie Davies-Hale says:

    My son has attended regular sessions at Megan Baker House. The difference in him is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about the centre, everyone I have ever spoken to about Megan Baker House has been amazed at the wonderful job that all the staff do for all of the people that are helped by their services and kindness.
    Thank you to everyone involved and the difference they make.

  14. Viv Melia says:

    This is an amazing charity that really does change lives. We have supported MBH for some years now and recently a member of our staff was able to access there facilities for her son so we really have been able to see the benefits they provide from all angles. We know how much they deserve and appreciate all the support they get.

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  15. Viv Melia says:

    Megan Baker House is an amazing charity that really does literally changes lives.
    We have supported MBH for some years now and recently one of our members of staff’s son has used their facilities so we really have seen what a difference they make, well worth supporting.

  16. Julie G says:

    My son also attended Megan Baker House for some years. The patience, care and the outstanding therapy turned him from a boy who would trip over a leaf, to one who could walk a narrow beam,along with numerous other abilities the non-disabled take very much for granted.
    I really do hope they get this ‘prize’, they really do deserve it.

  17. craig coldicott says:

    I am a huge fan of the work that Megan Baker House undertakes. A clear focus on helping children that need the extra help. They do a hard job with professionalism, humour and empathy.

  18. John Young says:

    Our Grandson went for his first visit to Megan Baker last November. He gained so much confidence from their specialized training which sadly does not seem to be available anywhere else. He and his parents are looking forward to his next visit in the Spring.

  19. Please vote for Practical Action. We work with communities in developing countries from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe to find practical solutions to the poverty they face. We currently have over 100 projects worldwide. Last year we used technology to directly benefit over 900,000 poor women and men through projects in developing countries around the world. For more information go to

  20. michelle roberts says:

    Megan Baker House has made a dramatic improvement in my son’s life over the last 10 years. The centre itself and the outreach it provides is invaluable. x

  21. Benjamin Deller says:

    I have cerebral palsy from having a stroke when I was born. I’ve been going to Megan Baker House since I was little. They have helped me so much. I am now 10yrs old. I still go there & I love it. They deserve lots of votes. I hope they win.

    1. heather says:

      Thanks for leaving us a message Ben. It’s great to hear that Megan Baker House has made such a difference to you. Thanks for voting!

  22. Laura Iles says:

    Very proud to be part of Practical Action and the work they do

  23. Kirsty Wedgbury says:

    Megan Baker House are helping our 6 year old daughter who has dyspraxia; the difference that they have made to her confidence and self-esteem is amazing and not only that, but School report that it has helped in all areas of her schooling when she was struggling before. An amazing place that deserves all the support they can get.

  24. Gillian Wright says:

    My Grandson Charlie has Cerebral Palsy and has attended Megan Baker one day a week for the last 7 years. I cannot thank the staff there enough for all the help they have given Charlie and his family. If it were not for Megan Baker Charlie would not be as independant,strong and mobile as he is today.Thank you to everyone there, they so deserve to win.

  25. Femi Awoyinfa says:

    Many lives have been touched by Practical Action’s work with the very poor and marginalized communities in Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. The application of simple technologies has helped poor families access basic necessities of life. Practical Action is the voice of the poor and the marginalized, vulnerable and hard to reach communities. To find out more about how we have improved and saved the lives of individuals such as Nafissa in Sudan, Mary Mufiri in Zimbabwe, Aroti in Bangladesh, Martha Emase in Turkana, please visit to experience technology addressing poverty.

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